placements desktop has over 5 million unique users (UUs) per month generating over 10 million page views (PVs) per month. Available formats are:

  • Billboard/Double Billboard
  • Rectangle
  • Screening mobile (UU 2 million, PV 4 million). The only available format is mBox


  • Advertisement with variable content – the creative displays data related to the calculated route, e.g. driving time, distance, price, amount of fuel used, etc. + a small screenshot with an example
  • Animated icon – moves along the marked route, when you reach your destination, advertising banner rolls out. + a small screenshot with an example

Company promotion

Automatic Advertising - See how easy it is to create your own advertising campaign.

  • 1. Fill in the form with the content of the banner or send your own
  • 2. Select the location and duration of the campaign
  • 3. Make a payment

Ready, soon your campaign will be online!

A business card is a set of advertising forms indicating your company on the map.

  • Logo displayed on the map indicating the company’s location.
  • The tooltip is displayed with the logotype, including contact details and an advertising box.
  • AD Context banner is displayed after searching for an address, located at a certain distance from your company or when certain keywords are entered into the search engine.


  • a. Type of route taken (passenger car, lorry, public transport, bicycle, pedestrian)
  • b. Route parameters (distance, travel time, traffic jam status, number of route points)
  • c. Weather (temperature range, precipitation, air quality, atmospheric phenomena)
  • d. Location – e.g. the searched address is located in a specific area or the calculated route starts/runs/ends in a specific location