Zone editor


Zones can be created manually or with the support of the applicant model. In case of automatic creation of zones, it is necessary to supply the system with volumetric data on consignments/orders aggregated at address points and a database of field workers (e.g. couriers or food suppliers).

Zones can be created in different types – in the case of courier shipments, e.g. regular and pallet shipments or regular shipments, cold storage shipments, bulk material, etc. The system allows you to edit each of the types independently.

Manual editing of points

Automatically created borders with manual editing

Fully automatic process of creating boundaries by the system


Each of the zones can be placed in a structure depicting the operational activity of the client company – e.g. regions, branches, etc. In this way, all orders coming into the system can be automatically assigned to the relevant branch, zone and an employee.

Sorting of orders

After creating zones and covering the operating area with them, sorting of orders (shipments, orders, deliveries, etc.) can be performed. On the basis of the order address and additional criteria (e.g. weight, type of shipment, additional services, etc.), the system allocates an appropriate zone and an employee enabling correct printing of the label and directing it to an appropriate branch/sorting plant.