Purchasing power

Types of buildings


Administrative subdivision

Numerical terrain model

Post codes

Internal data

Market data


  • Location of e.g. retail chains
  • Rotary data
  • Competition data
  • Demography
  • Purchasing power
  • Traffic data
  • Road attributes
  • Road chainage in Poland
  • POI data
  • Types of buildings
  • Cadastral data
  • Administrative subdivision
  • Postcode areas
  • Data from external sources (e.g. customer data, Central Statistical Office of Poland, Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography)

  • Cross-analysis of layers on the map
  • Designation of interaction zones
  • Calculation of the purchasing power of the target group
  • Identification of white spots and areas of competition
  • Analysis of motion generators
  • Verification of new potentials – new housing estate, open roads, etc.
  • Analysis of the distribution network with the possibility of an optimal division of the operating area
  • Calculation of the turnover model of stores
  • Geographical filtering (e.g. the distance from the nearest ATM)
  • Filtering by attributes

  • Configured view on an interactive map (permalink)
  • Dedicated online report with configured elements (maps, charts, tables, etc.)
  • PDF Report
  • Excel Report

Examples of analyses

Sales network planning

The result of the analysis may be: a recommendation to remove points of sale, launching a new point of sale, changing the sales profile/assortment, etc.

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Analysis of the distribution network

The analysis may result in: planning an optimal territorial division among employees, determining optimal travel routes, division of shipments into a fleet of vehicles/employees, recommendations for a better distribution of shipments volumes between branches

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