Who is it for?

  • Couriers

  • Forwarding

  • Cabs

  • Sales network

  • Advertisers

  • Websites


Geocoding - Location of broadcasters and receivers. The advanced geocoding environment allows precise address location even with the incomplete or partially incorrect input information.

Regionalization - Support in the division of the operational area into the volume optimized area based on the historical data. Provides a Zone Editor tool for easy editing and managing of your region and sorting of shipments.

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Task Assignment - Automatic division of shipments into the whole company fleet (homogeneous vehicles or defined different capacities and special vehicles, e.g. refrigerators).

Monitoring - Including measurements of specific transport conditions (temperature, humidity), updated on an ongoing basis, the position is visualized on the map.

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Dedicated Roadway Network - Taking into account bus lanes and areas accessible only to cabs (e.g. the centres of certain cities)

Virtual taximeter – The determination of the cost of the course-based on distance in 1/2 cab zone and the time spent in traffic jams (tariff as a stopover).

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Sales network

Network Coverage Analysis - This analysis is used to identify the potential for expansion or modification of the density of existing points of sale. It can effectively identify places that, due to their high profitability potential, are of interest to the customer. Both internal data – the revolving model and external factors – population or purchasing power – have to be taken into account.

Interaction zones - The assessment of each Point of Sale (POS) can be based on its sales results combined with an interaction zone, which can be defined, for example, by a pedestrian access zone in 10 minutes. For such a zone, the population and its characteristics (sex/age), purchasing power, points of competition and traffic generators (e.g. bus stop, ATM, cinema, etc.) are calculated.

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Advertising placements - Targeo.pl desktop has over 5 million unique users (UUs) per month generating over 10 million page views (PVs) per month.

Automatic Advertising - See how easy it is to create your own advertising campaign.

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Web pages

Website controls – single point or network (e.g. Żabka shop)

Autosuggest to forms - address suggesting

Visualizations and personalised map layers

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